Abstract Book

The complete ICNS abstract book is available to download here (15.2 MB). Alternatively, please click on the individual links below to view the abstracts for each topic session.


Plenary and prize presentations (158 KB)

Tuesday 9 July 2013 AM

PS1 Polymer structure and dynamics (75 KB)
PS2 Electronic and nuclear materials (153 KB)
PS3 Imaging and cultural heritage (74 KB)
PS4 Thin film magnetism, nano magnetism and molecular magnetism (201 KB)

Tuesday 9 July 2013 PM

PS5 Colloids, gels and foams (77 KB)
PS6 Structure, dynamics and phase transitions (198 KB)
PS7 Instruments - inelastic (77 KB)
PS8 Magnetic oxides (245 KB)

Wednesday 10 July 2013 AM

PS9 Biological structure and function (138 KB)
PS10 Geosciences and extreme conditions I - Molecular systems (179 KB)
PS11 Instruments: Diffraction and imaging (78 KB)
PS12 Pnictides, cuprates and ruthenates (201 KB)

Wednesday 10 July 2013 PM

PS13 Membranes (76 KB)
PS14 Hydrogen storage and other host-guest systems (79 KB)
PS15 Neutron optics (79 KB)
PS16 F-electron systems (328 KB)

Thursday 11 July 2013 AM

PS17 Bio-relevant LSS (79 KB)
PS18 Batteries and fuel cells (78 KB)
PS19 Software and data analysis (78 KB)
PS20 Quantum fluids, quantum magnetism and low-dimensional magnetism (80 KB)

Thursday 11 July 2013 PM

PS21 Surfactant phases (123 KB)
PS22 Detectors & sample environment (73 KB)
PS23 Instruments: Reflectomerters and NSE (73 KB)
PS24 Multiferroics (306 KB)

Friday 12 July 2013 AM

PS25 Instruments: SANS (82 KB)
PS26 Structural materials (126 KB)
PS27 Targets, moderators and beam components (70 KB)
PS28 Frustrated magnetic systems (125 KB)

Friday 12 July 2013 PM

PS29 Biological dynamics and kinetics (70 KB)
PS30 Geosciences and extreme conditions II: Magnetism (176 KB)
PS31 Fundamental physics (70 KB)
PS32 Intermetallics, skyrmion systems and conventional magnets (231 KB)


Poster Session A - Tuesday 9 July 2013

Poster session A programme (119 KB) 

Batteries and fuel cells (199 KB)
Colloids, gels and foams (262 KB)
Electronic and nuclear materials (265 KB)
Imaging and cultural heritage (129 KB)
Instruments: inelastic (316 KB)
Magnetic oxides (265 KB)
Polymer structure and dynamics (308 KB)
Structure, dynamics and phase transitions (354 KB)
Thin film magnetism, nano magnetism and molecular magnetism (324 KB)

Poster Session B - Wednesday 10 July 2013

Poster session B programme (166 KB)

Batteries and fuel cells (288 KB)
Biology - structure and function (310 KB)
Bio-relevant LSS (88 KB)
F-electron systems (297 KB)
Geosciences and extreme conditions I - Molecular systems (260 KB)
Hydrogen storage and other host guest systems(191 KB)
Instruments - diffraction and imagery (334 KB)
Membranes (131 KB)
Neutron optics (136 KB)
Pnictides, cuprates and ruthenates (344 KB)
Quantum fluids, quantum magnetism and low dimensional magnetism (340 KB)
Software and data analysis (159 KB)

Poster Session C - Thursday 11 July 2013

Poster session C programme (127 KB)

Biological dynamics and kinetics (157 KB)
Detectors and sample environment (259 KB)
Frustrated magnetic systems (191 KB)
Fundamental physics (154 KB)
Geosciences and extreme conditions II - Magnetism (89 KB)
Instruments - Reflectomerters and NSE (264 KB)
Instruments - SANS (290 KB)
Intermetallics, skyrmion systems and conventional magnets (182 KB)
Multiferroics (122 KB)
Structural materials (140 KB)
Surfactant phases (228 KB)
Target, moderators and beam components (225 KB)

Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline:
    22 February 2013
  • Early registration deadline:
    24 May 2013
  • Online Registration deadline:
    2 July 2013